Italian Restaurants in Huntsville AL

Top 10 Best Italian Restaurants in Huntsville AL

Italian Restaurants in Huntsville AL: Craving a taste of Italy without booking a transatlantic flight? Look no further than Huntsville, Alabama! This vibrant city boasts a hidden gem: a diverse and delicious Italian food scene waiting to be explored.

From casual pizzerias to elegant trattorias, Huntsville offers something for every palate and budget. So, grab your fork and get ready to embark on a culinary adventure with our guide to the top 10 best Italian restaurants in Huntsville AL

Top 10 Best Italian Restaurants in Huntsville AL

1. Pane e Vino Pizzeria – Italian Restaurants in Huntsville AL

Transport yourself to a charming Italian piazza at Pane e Vino. This bustling pizzeria boasts wood-fired pizzas named after legendary artists, each a masterpiece of flavor.

Fresh, local ingredients combine to create unforgettable classics like the “Margherita” and adventurous options like the “Bianca” with mozzarella, ricotta, and pancetta. Don’t miss their homemade tiramisu – it’s simply divine!

2. Mezza Luna

Italian Restaurants in Huntsville AL: Romance the night away at Mezza Luna, an upscale haven adorned with soft lighting and an inviting atmosphere. Their menu features classic Italian dishes with a modern twist, like the lobster and ricotta gnocchi or the pan-seared scallops with white balsamic glaze. Don’t forget to indulge in their delectable desserts, like the decadent chocolate lava cake.

3. Bravo! Cucina Italiana

Italian Restaurants in Huntsville AL: Step into a world of Roman opulence at Bravo! Cucina Italiana. This upscale chain delivers a fine-dining experience without the hefty price tag. Their extensive menu features delicious pastas, grilled specialties, and pizzas, all prepared with fresh, high-quality ingredients. Their warm chocolate chip cookie sundae is a must-try for dessert.

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4. Amerigo Italian Restaurant

Experience the warmth and charm of a family-run Italian restaurant at Amerigo. This local favorite offers classic dishes like chicken fettuccine alfredo and lasagna, alongside regional specialties like shrimp scampi and veal saltimbocca. Their friendly service and generous portions make it a perfect spot for a casual dinner with family or friends.

5. The Boot Pizzeria – Italian Restaurants in Huntsville AL

Get a taste of New York-style pizza at The Boot Pizzeria. This no-frills establishment focuses on the art of pizza, churning out thin-crust masterpieces with delicious toppings and a satisfying crunch. The “White Pizza” with garlic, ricotta, and mozzarella is a must-try, as is their classic pepperoni pie.

6. Nick’s Ristorante

Step back in time to Old Huntsville at Nick’s Ristorante. This historic establishment, housed in a former carriage house, offers an intimate and romantic setting for an unforgettable meal. Their menu features traditional Italian dishes prepared with family recipes passed down for generations. Try the veal scaloppine or the chicken parmesan – you won’t be disappointed.

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7. Mellow Mushroom Huntsville

For a quirky and fun dining experience, head to Mellow Mushroom Huntsville. This groovy pizzeria offers unique crust options like pretzel and gluten-free, and a wide variety of toppings to create your own pizza masterpiece. Their creative calzones and salads are also worth exploring.

8. Sam and Greg’s Galeteria and Pizzeria

Craving delicious gelato and authentic Italian pizzas? Sam and Greg’s has you covered. This family-friendly spot offers a warm and inviting atmosphere, perfect for a casual lunch or dinner. Their pizzas are made with fresh, local ingredients and come in a variety of sizes and styles. Don’t leave without trying their homemade gelato – it’s simply amazing!

9. Donatos Pizza

When you’re in the mood for fast and delicious pizza, Donatos delivers. This regional chain offers classic pizzas, subs, and pasta dishes that are perfect for a quick and satisfying meal. Their “Edge” crust is a unique and tasty option, and their signature “Donatos Edge Double Dip” pizza is a local favorite.

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10. Rafael’s Italian Restaurant

Tucked away in a quiet corner of Huntsville, Rafael’s offers a hidden gem of Italian cuisine. This intimate restaurant boasts an extensive menu featuring seafood, pasta, and grilled specialties, all prepared with fresh ingredients and a touch of elegance. Their Chilean sea bass and veal marsala are particularly noteworthy.


So there you have it, amici! From family-friendly pizzerias to romantic trattorias, our culinary tour of Huntsville’s top 10 Italian gems has hopefully whet your appetite. But remember, this is merely a starting course.

Huntsville’s vibrant Italian scene is a tapestry woven with hidden trattorias, bustling cafes, and passionate chefs ready to surprise and delight. So, don’t your metaphorical walking shoes, grab your adventurous spirit, and embark on your own exploration


Q: Craving something specific? Pizza, pasta, or fine dining?

A: Our list covers it all! We’ve got New York-style pizza at The Boot, classic pastas at Amerigo, and upscale fare at Mezza Luna. Find your perfect fit!

Q: Looking for a romantic evening?

A: Nick’s Ristorante’s historic charm and Rafael’s intimate setting set the mood. Don’t forget Mezza Luna’s soft lighting and delectable desserts!

Q: Family night out with picky eaters?

A: Sam and Greg’s offers pizzas, gelato, and a friendly atmosphere. Amerigo’s classic dishes like chicken fettuccine alfredo are crowd-pleasers.

Q: Gluten-free or vegetarian options?

A: Mellow Mushroom has unique crust options and creative toppings. Donatos offers gluten-free crusts, and several restaurants like Pane e Vino and Mezza Luna cater to vegetarian choices.

Q: What about dessert?

A: We’ve got you covered! From the legendary tiramisu at Pane e Vino to the decadent chocolate lava cake at Mezza Luna, your sweet tooth won’t be disappointed.

Q: Any hidden gems?

A: Rafael’s Italian Restaurant offers an intimate experience with delicious seafood and pasta. Don’t miss the “Taste of Italy” festival for a vibrant celebration of Italian culture and cuisine!

Bonus Tip: For a truly unique experience, check out Huntsville’s annual “Taste of Italy” festival, held every fall. This vibrant event showcases the city’s best Italian restaurants, live music, and cultural performances.

Remember: This list is just a starting point. With so many amazing restaurants to choose from, your Italian culinary adventure in Huntsville is sure to be unforgettable. So grab your appetite and explore the flavors of Italy in the heart of Alabama!

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