Things to do in North Side Pittsburgh

Top 10 Things to do in North Side Pittsburgh

Things to do in North Side Pittsburgh: The North Side of Pittsburgh, often painted as a haven for sports fans and bar crawls, holds a vibrant soul waiting to be unearthed. From world-renowned art museums to hidden historical gems, its diverse neighborhoods offer something for everyone seeking adventure, creativity, and a taste of authentic Pittsburgh spirit. Let’s ditch the typical tourist traps and embark on a journey through 10 unique experiences that will leave you truly smitten with the North Side

Top 10 Things to do in North Side Pittsburgh

1. Art Immersion: Dive into Pop and Beyond:

The Andy Warhol Museum: Things to do in North Side Pittsburgh, Immerse yourself in the electrifying world of Pop Art legend Andy Warhol. Explore iconic Campbell’s Soup cans, Marilyn Monroe portraits, and delve into his vibrant silkscreen techniques. Be prepared for mind-bending installations and thought-provoking exhibits that challenge your perception of art.

Mattress Factory: Abandon traditional gallery spaces and step into a wonderland of site-specific installations. Explore crawl-through tunnels of yarn, climb a staircase to the stars, and get lost in interactive art pieces that defy definition. This museum is a feast for the senses and a playground for your imagination.

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2. History Buff’s Delight: Step Back in Time:

National Aviary: Things to do in North Side Pittsburgh: Journey through diverse ecosystems with over 2,000 birds right in the heart of the city. Witness majestic Andean Condors soar and be mesmerized by the colorful plumage of flamingos. Learn about conservation efforts and witness the delicate beauty of these feathered creatures.

Senator John Heinz History Center: Embark on a captivating journey through Pittsburgh’s rich history. Interactive exhibits showcase everything from the city’s industrial past to its cultural tapestry. Witness the iconic “Fort Pitt Glass” collection and gain insights into the lives of everyday Pittsburghers who shaped the city we know today.

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3. Food & Fun: A Culinary Adventure:

Strip District: Things to do in North Side Pittsburgh: Dive into the bustling Strip District, a haven for foodies and bargain hunters. Explore aisles overflowing with fresh produce, local meats, exotic spices, and international delicacies. Sample artisanal cheeses, grab a pierogi from a street vendor, and soak up the vibrant atmosphere.

Federal Galley: This innovative food hall brings together diverse culinary concepts under one roof. From globally-inspired street food to gourmet burgers and decadent desserts, there’s something to tantalize every taste bud. Enjoy live music on select evenings and soak in the vibrant atmosphere.

4. Active Exploration: Unwind and Breathe:

Three Rivers Heritage Trail: Things to do in North Side Pittsburgh, Lace up your walking shoes and explore the scenic Three Rivers Heritage Trail. Follow the Allegheny River past historic landmarks and verdant parks, offering stunning cityscapes and a chance to breathe in the fresh air. Rent a bike or rollerblades for added adventure.

Deutschtown Square: Escape the urban landscape at Deutschtown Square, a hidden gem tucked away in the heart of the North Side. This charming park offers a serene pond, walking paths, and a playground for the little ones. Pack a picnic basket and enjoy a relaxing afternoon amidst the city’s green oasis.

5. Off the Beaten Path: Hidden Gems Unveiled:

Bicycle Heaven: Things to do in North Side Pittsburgh, Gearheads and vintage enthusiasts rejoice! Step into a whimsical world of antique bicycles, motorcycles, and memorabilia. From penny-farthings to classic Schwinns, the museum showcases the evolution of cycling and offers a glimpse into pop culture history.

Max’s Allegheny Tavern: Experience authentic German hospitality at Max’s Allegheny Tavern, a Pittsburgh institution since 1884. Sink your teeth into hearty schnitzels, sausages, and pretzels while soaking up the historic ambiance adorned with vintage beer steins and wooden booths.

6. Catch a Show: Immerse Yourself in the Arts:

New Hazlett Theater: Things to do in North Side Pittsburgh, Enjoy a diverse range of performances at the New Hazlett Theater, an open-air amphitheater overlooking the Allegheny River. From Broadway musicals to live concerts and comedy shows, this unique venue offers a memorable setting for an unforgettable evening.

Benedum Center: Step into the opulent confines of the Benedum Center, a historic landmark dedicated to the performing arts. Marvel at the stunning Beaux-Arts architecture and be captivated by a variety of productions, from classical ballets to Broadway musicals.

7. Family Fun: Create Lasting Memories:

Children’s Museum of Pittsburgh: Spark your child’s imagination at the Children’s Museum of Pittsburgh. Interactive exhibits encourage exploration, discovery, and creative play. Climb aboard a pirate ship, build a magnificent castle, and lose yourself in a world of wonder.

RiverQuest: Embark on a thrilling interactive boat tour on the Allegheny River. Learn about Pittsburgh’s industrial past, witness historic landmarks, and enjoy captivating storytelling that brings the city’s history to life.

8. Nightlife Gems: Beyond the Pub Crawl

Independent Brewing Scene: Things to do in North Side Pittsburgh, Ditch the crowded bars and delve into Pittsburgh’s burgeoning independent craft beer scene. Explore local breweries like Allegheny City Brewing, North Side Brewing Company, and Strange Roots Brewery, each offering unique flavors and a welcoming atmosphere. Sample IPAs, lagers, stouts, and sours while enjoying live music or board games with friends.

Live Music Haven: Immerse yourself in Pittsburgh’s vibrant music scene at the Andy Warhol Museum After Dark series. Dance to eclectic beats spun by local DJs or catch up-and-coming artists showcasing their talents. The Warhol transforms into a vibrant nightlife destination offering unique experiences beyond the traditional concert hall.

9. Nature’s Escape: A Breath of Fresh Air

Frick Park: Things to do in North Side Pittsburgh, Escape the urban hustle and bustle and reconnect with nature at Frick Park. Hike through scenic trails, enjoy panoramic views of the city skyline, or have a picnic on the sprawling lawns. Spot native birds, explore the rose garden, or simply relax amidst the serene surroundings.

Riverview Park: Discover hidden waterfalls, explore historic landmarks, and take in breathtaking views at Riverview Park. This expansive park offers something for everyone, from scenic walking paths and a charming carousel to a planetarium and an aviary. Pack a picnic basket, rent a paddle boat, or simply relax and enjoy the tranquility.

10. Unique Souvenirs: Beyond the Typical T-Shirt

Heinz History Center Gift Shop: Things to do in North Side Pittsburgh, Discover one-of-a-kind souvenirs that celebrate Pittsburgh’s unique history and cultural icons. From Andy Warhol-inspired pop art prints to quirky Heinz ketchup memorabilia, find the perfect gifts that capture the essence of the city.

Handmade Haven: Support local artisans at the Pittsburgh Craft Market, held every weekend at Nova Place. Browse through an array of handcrafted jewelry, clothing, home decor, and artwork, each reflecting the creativity and spirit of the city’s talented makers. Find unique treasures you won’t find anywhere else.


Things to do in North Side Pittsburgh, Remember, this is just a starting point. The North Side is brimming with hidden gems waiting to be discovered. So, lace up your walking shoes, embrace your sense of adventure, and embark on your own exploration of this vibrant and dynamic Pittsburgh neighborhood.

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